Handmade Decorative Panel in the String Art technique.

Materials: MDF, acrylic primer, acrylic paint, nails, thread, wooden frame
Width : 78 cm
Height : 78 cm
Depth : 2.5 cm

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“Emotions” – The Fibonacci spiral or Golden section mandala made in the style of string Art.

The Golden section is a harmonic division, which was used in the proportions of the pyramid of Cheops, in the facade of the ancient Greek temple of Parthenon, and of course in the works of Leonardo da Vinci
Mandala-a complex Geometric structure, symbolizing the world order, that is, in fact, nothing but a model of the universe. The clockwise spiral is the development and dynamics of the internal process. This beginning. Positive, creative, and spiritual forces.
“Emotions” has almost all the colors of the rainbow.

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Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 78 × 78 × 2,5 cm


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