Sama Dance


Abstract stylization describing the spirituality of the Sama Dance, in the style of string art

MATERIALS : When creating were used materials: MDF, acrylic art paint, and primer water-based (no smell), nails and thread – 100% polyester.
Width : 75 cm
Height : 75 cm
Depth : 6 cm

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This board, created especially for an exhibition in France, is a second artwork inspired by the Sama dance, listed as a masterpiece of UNESCO cultural and intangible heritage. This time, it is the spiritual, even mystical approach that I have highlighted. The weaving and structure remind the gyrating movement of the dancer. And the Arabic calligraphy that surrounds it, reflecting the light, underlines the Middle Eastern origin of this sacred dance.

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Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 75 × 75 × 7 cm


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