Veil Dance


Abstract stylization imitating the lightness and translucency of the veil made in the style of string art

MATERIALS : When creating were used materials: MDF, acrylic art paint, and primer water-based (no smell), nails and thread – 100% polyester.
Width : 75 cm
Height : 75 cm
Depth : 6 cm

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Some time ago, I was contacted by an art agency in Dubai, in order to make 12 sketches inspired by the culture and
landscapes of this country. I made the requested sketches. Among the images sent to me as inspiration was an image of the
Sama dance. This spiritual dance, where the soul resonates with the divine, gave me a glimpse of a new way of approaching
my work, freed from the classic motifs of String Art. Moving away from the initial request of my clients, I realized for
myself work “Veil Dance”. I have transcribed in it this airy, smooth movement that we perceive without even realizing it, in
the dance of a veil fluttering in the wind.

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Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 75 × 75 × 7 cm


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