Wave (varied)

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Handmade Decorative Panel in the String Art technique.
“Wave” is a piece of the great power of the sea in your home.
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This work, one of my greatest successes, has a special history … I first designed it at the request of clients, for whom I was making an interior design in turquoise tones. For this, I took a pattern that I improved, bringing the number of spiral to 9.
A week later, a client passionate about surfing asked me to make a work for him resembling a sea wave. It’s amazing, but this work already existed… I showed it to him, and he replied that it was even better than he could have imagined. I made this work for him, which I named “Wave”

14.57 x 14.57 inches (37cm x 37cm) Framed
22.4 x 22.4 inches (57cm x 57cm) Framed
30.71 x 30.71 inches (78cm x 78cm) Framed
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Available in stock – https://demirstringart.com/produit/wave

MDF, acrylic art paint, water-based primer (no smell), nails and thread – 100% polyester.

– White + Turquoise + Azure + Aquamarine
– White + Black + Grey

If you have any questions related to this board or any other board. Sizes, colors, timing, shipping, price, or any other questions. Do not hesitate, I will gladly answer you! Text me!

Each panel I pack in bubble wrap (many layers).
The corners and the front part are protected by foam polystyrene.
Final layer – cardboard.
Packaged very carefully!

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37 x 37 cm, 57 x 57 cm, 78 x 78 cm


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