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Hi there!
My name is Irina Paramonova, I’m a Russian artist from Moscow Area.
My art education began at the age of 8. Artist – designer graduated from Moscow University, I first became involved in interior architecture, creating many interiors.
Very quickly, applied decorative art, my first passion, returned to my life, through the discovery of string art, a revelation that will be a real turning point in my artistic career.

A simple straight line to transcribe the beauty of the world…

First, I study the works of other artists, to grasp their substance. Then comes a long creative process, where I develop my own technique, design my own geometric patterns, deploy my own color combinations.

“Emotions” 78x78cm framed

Each work is a journey. Through these intertwined lines, a movement, a harmony, a dancing, luminous, monochrome or multicolored form will be born. Or, a portrait, on the edge of pointillism.

Audrey Hepburn, StringArt portrait

Nowadays, I continue to reinvent my art, and share my knowledge by publishing tutorials and templates. All along this blog, my networks, and this website, I will give you some keys that will allow you to better understand my approach.
Let yourself be surprised by this singular art, whose essence is to use a simple straight line to transcribe the beauty of the world…


  1. ciao, complinenti per le tue Opere, sono Tutte Molto belle, ben curati e a mio parere utilizzi materiali (Filato e chiodi) delicati e racchinati. Volevo chiederti se nei tuoi Tutorial mostri anche la qualità dei prodotti (dimensione dei chiodi, lunghezza, spessore, se hanno la testa o sono privi di testa, Filato consigliato, base se legno o materiale espanso ed infine CORNICE… sono tutti senza vetro?).
    grazie e ancora COMPLIMENTI i tuoi lavori Incantano.

    1. Hello Anna,

      First of all, I thank you for complimenting my work. I am very pleased with this.
      There is a page dedicated to the materials in my tutorials. On this page I describe all the materials that I use. I describe the nails and give recommendations on the choice of threads, wooden base, and so on. I do not describe the frames, because everyone can choose for themselves. It can be a frame with glass or without glass, at your discretion.
      In any case, if my clients still have questions, I am always here to answer them.

      Best regards,

    1. Thank you very much Janko 😊🙏
      I am very happy that you appreciate my work, it motivates me to continue creating new boards, templates and tutorials. I regularly post news on my social networks, do not hesitate to follow me to discover them!

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