Each artwork is unique

Thank you for taking an interest in my work!
When you order one of my works, know that I create it especially for you. Thus, you will always be sure to receive a work made according to your wishes.
For that, I need time to make the panel that will decorate your interior, or bring joy to the person to whom you will offer it.
I will even be at your disposal, if you wish to add a personal touch.
So, let me give you some information on the time I will need to make your panel:

  • For a 37 x 37 cm panel: 8 working days
  • For a 57 x 57 cm panel: 10 working days
  • For a 78 x 78 cm panel: 12 working days
  • Peronalized size : 20 working days

NB : The sizes mentioned correspond to the framed boards. Some boards do not have a frame, and the size listed will be slightly smaller. The manufacturing time will be the same

This delay allows me to carry out your order with care, by refining each detail for your satisfaction.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact me from the contact page.

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